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Fantastic Dizzy: Home Alone Walkthrough v1.0 by DarkFalzX

Open the drawer on the left to get the Gray Key.
Walk through the door on the right into the Living Hall, and through the far right door into the Kitchen.
Via the trash bucket by the door jump onto the counter, and flip the vent switch on. Now jump onto the upper windowsill, then onto one of the shutters. Jump toward the fan, and get sucked up into the Vent Room. Here, grab the Heavy Crowbar. Flip the light switch on, jump onto the crate and toward the shelf to grab the coin. Go through the door into the Attic. Flip the light switch on, stand on the very edge of the box by the door, and jump toward the window. Grab the second coin. You can't get the key yet. Exit Attic, switch off the fan, and drop back down into the Kitchen. Exit back to the Living Hall and **flip the light switch ON**.
Walk over to the leftmost chair, and jump up to the very top of it. Press the action key to open the window, which now becomes a platform. Jump on the windowsill, jump toward the shelf with the flowerpot, onto the right window shutter of the leftmost window, into the rafters on the left, and up onto the screen above.
You are in the Attic again, but a different one. Grab the Empty Jar, and **flip the light switch ON**.
Use the Gray Key on the door, and enter it. You are now on the balcony. Grab the gardening sheers (Secateurs) on the right shelf, and the coin in the far left corner. Stand on the small crate by the left window, and use the gardening sheers (Secateurs) on it. Pick up the Branch With Leaves. Then stand on the small crate again, and use the Heavy Crowbar.

Now will be a good time to save.

Enter the window.
You will appear on the windowsill of the rightmost window of the Attic room you have just been in.
Note the glass on the floor. It's insta-kill, so be extra careful. Jump to the right, and grab the coin. Now walk near the right-most piece of broken glass, and use the Branch With Leaves to sweep it off. Now walk next to the window's right shutter, and press the action key. Dizzy will close one of the shutters. Jump left onto the top crate. Stand next to the left shutter, and press the action again. The other shutter will be closed. Position dizzy just slightly to the right of the crate's center, and jump right, over the glass, and into the rafters. Drop to the screen below.

You are now in the rightmost rafters of the Living Hall. If you forgot to turn the lights on the last time you passed through this room, you will have to repeat the broken glass jumping puzzle.
Walk off onto the closed window shutters below, then jump left, onto the top windowsill. Walk off right, to land onto the cabinet with the Key on top of it. Grab the Key. You can now open the front door (middle door in this room). Exit the front door.

Finally, you are outside.

Leave the Empty Can here somewhere.
Walk left, and grab the Match in the Arbor. Walk further left, and grab the coin by jumping on top of the outhouse, and onto a platform.

Go back inside the house.
From the Living Hall go right into the Kitchen, into the Vent Room, and through the door into the Attic. Flip the light switch OFF. Stand on the box by the door, and light the torch with the Match. Now, using the same technique you used to get to the coin, get to the top of the stacked crates, and drop down to the screen below. You are in the rafters of the Water Closet (Bathroom for 'Muricans: )
Stand next to the fan cable, and jump right. Stand on the very edge, and jump left. You will end up on the Attic screen right next to the key - take the Blue Key.
Exit the house again.
This time, jump to the top of the makeshift shower on the right, and onto the second floor of your house. Use the Blue Key to open the door.

Here is another insane jumping puzzle, but at least this one doesn't result in instant death if you fail.
Still – saving now is a good idea, because if you fall to the screen below, walking back here takes a long time.

Flip the light switch ON, and jump onto the box in the right corner of the room. Grab the coin (you should have six by now). Jump left onto the windowsill, and onto the RIGHT shutter. Now jump left. Dizzy will land on the table below the window. Press the action button to close the window. Jump up once to stand on the bottom shelf to the right of the door. Jump left to get the Big Pickaxe.

Drop to the screen below. Walk off the rafters onto the canopy of the bed. Jump onto the windowsill on the right, and onto the rightmost shutter. Grab the coin in the rightmost rafters. Walk off onto the windowsill, and down onto the wardrobe to grab the scissors.

Exit the house.

Walk right, past the barn and the pen with a wild boar, and grab the Empty Bucket. Walk back to the barn. Jump on top of the hay bale, and press the action button before Dizzy falls through. You will get some Hay.
Give Hay to the cow, and then use the Empty Bucket on the cow's business end, producing a Bucket of Milk.
Make sure you have the Big Pickaxe and the Bucket of Milk.


Now, go all the way left, past your house, the outhouse, and the spider lair. You will come to a dead end with a “No Trespassing” sign. Use the Big Pickaxe on the rocks next to the sign to open a passage down.

You are now in a Cave.
The following section is extremely tricky, and requires exact timing and a bunch of luck. I suggest saving before each lava pit, and only proceeding if your life loss was minimal.

Follow the cave to the right, and grab the coin (you should now have 8). Then jump right through the wall. You will end up in Glenda's Lair. Talk to her. She will complain that it's too hot down there.

Give her the Bucket of Milk, and take the Rubber Gloves she gives you in return.

Get back out of the cave – don't forget to save-scum like crazy!

Walk back to your house.

Make sure you have Rubber Gloves and Scissors on you. Get to the Vent Room, and into the Attic room where you got the Blue Key once. Drop down into the rafters of the Water Closet screen. Use the Scissors on the fan cable. The fan will fall to the floor, breaking stuff on its way. Now, get out of the rafters, through the attic, Vent Room, Kitchen, Living Hall, and into the Bedroom. Go into the Water Closet (Bathroom) through the left door. Grab the Bugbuster and the coin off the shelf (you now should have 9). Exit the house.

You must now take the Bugbuster and the Empty Can with you. Go into the barn. Place the empty can under the light bulb, and turn the lights on. The flies will gravitate toward the light. Now, jump up on top of the hay bale, and onto a windowsill. Walk over closer to the flies, and use the Bugbuster. Dead flies will fall into the jar, producing a Can of Flies.


Take this Can of Flies to the Spider's lair, and use it there. Now wait for the spider to nom on the poisonous flies and keel over. Walk past the now-dead spider, and take the Sharp Knife.

Go back into the house. Through the Bedroom, and into the Water Closet (Bathroom), use the Sharp Knife on the remains of the fan, producing Wire. Grab it, and exit the house.

Walk right to the pen with Wild Hog, and use the Wire on the pen's door. You now have to get to the pen's roof. You get there by jumping from the top of the shower cabin into the rafters of the barn. Walk over to the wire that is now on the roof, and press the action key. The Wild Hog scares away the pirate.


Walk past the tavern, and Uncle Joe's house avoiding the snails, and grab the 10th coin off the Port Hope pier. Walk back to the Tavern, and walk in.

You are now at the Jolly Roger Bar. Talk to Uncle Joe (the skinny old pirate), twice. This will use up all of the coins you have collected thus far, but will produce a Glass of Soda Pop. Pick it up, and Dizzy will drink it's content, leaving just a plain old Empty Glass in your inventory. Now, exit tavern, and get back to the house one last time.

Go to the Water Closet, and fill up the Empty Glass next to the gushing water fountain.
You are finally done with this area of the game - exit the house. Make sure you have a Glass of Water and your Empty Bucket with you.


Walk right, past the Tavern and Uncle Joe's house, to a small, utterly inconspicuous red mushroom growing between Joe's house and the pier. Use the Glass of Water on the mushroom (no idea why you had to jump through so many hoops to water the mushroom, while you could use your bucket all along!). Use the now-large mushroom to get to the roof of Uncle Joe's house.


Enter the attic window.
Jump up on the left chair, and left onto the shelf. Grab a barely-visible item off of it, which ends up being Musical Sheet. Exit the house, and go back to the Tavern. Give the Musical Sheet to Uncle Joe, who starts playing the piano. You can now jump on top of the piano and grab the Key.
Exit tavern, and use the Key to unlock Uncle Joe's front door. In Joe's house, use the rightmost chair to get to the shelf in the middle of the room, and grab the “Knock-off Drops”. Exit Joe's house and back to the Tavern. You now see that the pirate closer to the door isn't paying attention to his drink. Jump onto the table, and use the “Knock-off Drops” on his drink. Exit and re-enter the Tavern. The pirate is now roofied the hell out. Grab his Pirate's Sword. Walk right to the Port Hope pier, and use Pirate's Sword to cut the moors holding the boat. Make sure you still have your Empty Bucket with you. Walk off onto the boat, and press the action button to be taken across the pond.

You are now nearing the endgame. Save and move right until you come across Daisy being terrorized by a large rat. She tells you to go into the Cottage to get some cheese for the rat(?!), and tosses you the key, which lands under the deck. So – forget that key. It's gone.

Instead, keep walking right to a spring. Fill up your bucket here, producing a Bucket of Water. Walk all the way back to the dock. Jump across the barrels, and onto the upper platform path. Using this upper path, move right to the roof of the Cottage. Jump onto the chimney, and use the Bucket of Water. Then press the action button to descend down the chimney yourself.

Inside the cottage, grab the Poker, and a quite hefty “Bit of Cheese” off the table. Flip the light switch ON. While standing on top of the gas stove under a closed window, use the Poker to get that window open.

From the windowsill of the leftmost window jump onto the bookshelf above the door, onto the right shutter of the leftmost window, then right into the rafters. Walk and jump right through the rafters, and walk off onto the right shutter of the rightmost window. Jump right into the rafters to get the Reserve Key. Use it to open the front door.

Walk onto the patio where Daisy is freaking out, and leave the Bit of Cheese on the floor in the path of the rat, which will get rid of it.

All you have to do now is walk over to Daisy herself and press the action button... for action...

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